Weekly Slice by Mr DJ ChEeSe

Weekly Slice by Mr DJ ChEeSe for Clubaholic.tv

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Hello World. My name is Mr DJ ChEeSe of CHEESETRACKS. I am the New Creative Producer for Clubaholic.tv

Each week I will be bringing you a Slice of something from our industry. This Slice might come in the form of news-worthy articles, honest music reviews, new release dates for artists we truly believe in, club dates & events, and tons of more new and out of the box things that will keep you in the know of what’s going on our club scene globally.

With that said, it gives me great joy to be doing my very FIRST review of a hot new joint by Mr. Andy Compton’s Sowetan Onesteps featuring the vocals of Ms. Celestine (a soul singer from Bristol) on a track called ‘I Belong’.

Right out the gate and straight into the first mix you can tell that the thought of quality must’ve been the theme when putting this together – from the producers chosen to remix it, the song production to the lay out of the vocals. Very often you have producers that try and out shine the singer, a lot of us forget that  there needs to be a marriage of artist to track.  This is tastefully done through out each remix submitted.  From the laid back version of the original mix to the nice pepped up floor worthy version by The Rurals, there is virtually a proper remix for each kind of d.j. and should be found in many d.j. crates when it drops officially on 2015-08-14 on PENG records.

Stick this in your ear:

Well Done Peng. Well Done Andy Compton. Well Done Celestine.  Well Done to all involved in this project.


Mr DJ ChEeSe