The Clubaholic brand has worked within the dance music industry for nearly 10 years now in video, radio, TV, events and charitable projects across the UK and abroad with many great relationships formed. We are looking for an outstanding and exciting person to come on board as an intern and work with us on a new long term project with the aim of a full time career in a leadership role.

This is what makes you cool: You are passionate for music & nightlife, events, marketing, media and what makes them tick. You are fun-loving yet highly industrious, adventurous but reliable, efficient and forward thinking, strong, innovative, intuitive and hungry for experience. You are a University leaver with an industry related degree in either events, marketing or something similar. You have an obvious track record of learns and experience and are bursting with fresh ideas for an exciting career with a recognised brand in the dance music industry.

If this is you (or close to it) and if it’s piqued your curiosity, for more details apply here with a creative CV: neil@clubaholic.tv